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here are few strains out there as shrouded in myth and mystery as this one. Chemdawg can be credited for being the root strain for many famous and popular hybrids such as mega-strains Sour Diesel and OG Kush. Chemdawg is marked by its world-class potency that becomes obvious even when only catching a whiff of it. Buy chemdawg 4 weed online

Chemdawg is especially potent. This strain is rumoured to stem from a cross of a Nepalese and Thai sativa. Its legends tells stories about ambiguous backgrounds, but there isn’t a story out there that has proven to be 100% reliable.

What is undisputed, however, is the impact this unique strain has made on the market. It is notoriously difficult to grow, something only experienced and well-equipped veterans should attempt. However, it is well worth it, as it also yields way above average, reaping in plenty of premium chemdawg 4

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