Green Crack God shatter


Grade AAA
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Green crack god shatter

Green crack god shatter

THC: 17 – 24% CBD: 0.05 – .13%

Sativa: 65%

Bouquet: An up-front earthiness with a hint of wood and over notes of citrus.

Flavor: Tangy, sweet and smooth fruity flavor with an intense lemon aftertaste.

Effect: This strain induces an invigorating mental buzz that has been described as “spacey”. It’s easy to understand the play on the word “crack” once you experience the energetic and bouncy feeling this strain’s high provides. Unique for instant energy and feelings of utter joy, Green Crack God is one of the best cannabis strains out there for daytime use.

Therapeutic Use: Medical users will find Green Crack God best for depression, nausea, and as an effective migraine treatment. Medicating with this strain before bed is not advised; it has been reported to keep patients awake for hours at a time