Mary’s MEdibles – Chocolate Almond Bar 300mg


Mary’s Medibles Chocolate Almond Bar

Cannabinoid content (whole pkg)

300mg THC

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Mary’s MEdibles – Chocolate Almond Bar 300mg

(Mary’s MEdibles)Looking to melt away after a long day, Unwind and let the tensions dissipate  If you have indulged and escaped with Mary’s variety of gummies and baked goods, here is something new to sink your teeth into. Introducing Mary’s Chocolate Bars. available in five different selections. There is one to make everyone feel good. Each bar is made with top shelf premium chocolate and the finest ingredients, giving you the smoothest and creamiest experience with every bite. Each bar contains 300mg of THC. Each square is 30mg of THC.

Remember to always start with a small dose and give it 45 minutes to an hour to gauge how you are feeling