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Orange Kush. The sativa qualities of OG Kush and also the indica qualities of Orange. Bud was combined to form Or, supposedly associate degree indica-overwhelming crossover. (gives associate degree account of the sativa/indica proportion of this strain square measure slippery, best case scenario). the flavor is tart and citrusy whereas the smell has solid, sweet notes of orange.

The impacts of this strain surely allude to its indica leanings. amazing capture, profound physical unwinding, bliss, tiredness, and a strong instance of the munchies. That by itself makes this an incredible apparatus in treating eating or squandering issue. Yet is additionally a decent decision for patients who experience the ill effects of nervousness, dejection. ADHD, irritation, headache migraines, muscle fits, and a throbbing painfulness. Negatives may incorporate dry eyes and cottonmouth. This strain is most prominent in Arizona and the Pacific Northwest.