Venom OG


A perfect mix between Rare Dankness and Poison OG. Get lifted with Venom OG, just don’t turn into a symbiote!

  • Type: Indica
  • Diesel x Pine x Earthy
  • Relief: Stress x Pain x Depression
  • Relaxed x Euphoric x Sleepy
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Venom OG

Venom OG is a premium hybrid phenotype that was originally developed by the prolific and talented cannabis connoisseurs from Rare Dankness Seeds. They crossed Poison OG and their own notorious in-house strain, Rare Dankness #1, together to create this robust hybrid strain. Taking the best qualities of its parent strains, Venom OG combines the full-bodied and sedating effects of Poison OG with a mindful sensory high that Rare Dankness #1 is known for.

Characteristics and Effects

The buds of this strain are generally forest-green with bright orange pistils for contrast. The strain’s buds will range in size from small to medium and often cling together due to its stickiness. With an icy coat on each leaf, it provides insight into the heavy THC content which averages around 20%. The aroma of this strain is known to be skunky, piney, diesel-like, with undertones of citrus. When burning, this strain is known to burn with a harsh smoke that may irritate the lungs and induce coughing fits. The smoke will taste both piney and skunky.

Venom OG is definitely not recommended for beginner users or users with low tolerance. This strain is quite potent with a THC content up to 27% in some cases. Full body relaxation and sedation are common for a strain this potent. Additionally, there is a cerebral effect that provides a sense of euphoria and elevated sensory in the user. It first induces an uplifting euphoric high that boosts creativity and prompts baseless giggles. After a delay, the body will start to feel extremely relaxed which allows for relief of stress and worries. This is 100% an evening or before bed smoke due to its strong couch-locking and sleepiness effects. Users shouldn’t be expecting to do much but sleep and chill.

Due to its potency, Venom OG is perfect for treating conditions such as pain, stress, nausea, insomnia, and depression. Patients will experience side effects such as the dry mouth and dry eyes. For this strain, we recommend veteran smokers with high tolerance.