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Cherry Pie kush can be traced to the tasty combination of Grand Daddy Purple mixed with [F1 x Durban Poison]. This strains gained national recognition as one of the best Bay-Area strains of late.

We would disagree, and say that its reputation is well deserved either way.

Cherry Pie will make even the most experienced smokers appreciate its full-bodied effects and subtle burnt cherry pie flavor. Cherry Pie buds have beautiful bursts of color — mostly dark purple, forest green, and maroon.

The aroma of Cherry Pie is most similar to cherry, wood, and pepper spice. With a distinct cherry taste on the exhale, the smoke is extremely smooth but will hit you like an iron fist. Completely smothered in resin, the trichome count seems to multiply when breaking open these STICKY buds.

What Does The Cherry Pie Kush Strain Help Patients with?  This strain is perfect for patients looking for a strong Indica-dominant Hybrid that is both potent and super tasty.

The smoke from the Cherry Pie is highly expansive and fast-acting, leaving a lasting impression for all who medicate with it. Depending on how potent the specific batch, patients may experience a bit of a crash after 2-3 hours from the heavier Indica strains in its genetics.

Typically though, Cherry Pie kush is not considered to be that heavy of strain. It’s much more of a tranquil body melt that noticeably starts with the warming of your inner core. Cherry Pie is popular among patients looking for a strain that provides a significant amount of medicine to both the mind and body in the afternoons.