Sour Diesel Shatter


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Sour Diesel Shatter is an awesome Sativa strain influencing this to shatter an ideal empowering smoke. Keep dynamic with this unbelievable shatter.Is a BHO break with a natural, diesel, impactful nose. Extraction Process Information: CO2 Shatter

Utilizing frontline innovation, researchers start handling the blossoms into think shape. Their mystery formula is to keep the procedure normal.

Sour Diesel is a sativa assortment of cannabis that offers stimulating and fortifying impacts. Sour Diesel offers genealogy connecting back to the notorious Chemdawg phenotype of Skunk and the scandalous Northern Lights strains. With hereditary qualities, for example, this, you can make sure that Sour Diesel will give an affair like no other. Sour It can be expended within a joint, bowl or spotted inside a focus pen/touch fix